"About "UZEB

UZEB Ltd. was founded in 1991 And since it has been a leader in the smart car solutions in the Israeli market.

The company is named after the jazz fusion band "UZEB" which was active during those years.

For the past three decades, the company is engaged in import, market and provide advanced technological solutions in the automotive field and leading the market with a variety of protection, safety, comfort, multimedia and more.

Our Business of expertise:

Importing and Marketing

We engaged in the import and market of products relating to the automotive sector. Today's world multimedia systems, car governance platforms, car safety, and car accessories are developing at a fast pace.

The ability to identify, adapt and to offer those solutions is letting us be leaders in our field

To meet customer demand, our company invests heavily in developing and customize products for the Israeli automotive market. All those under strict quality control to provide the consumer with a broad spectrum of products of the highest quality.


To maintain high standards and high-quality products and Services, we continually explore for solutions, ideas, and innovations in Israel and around the world, and thus holds a leading development system in Israel.

Installing accessories in the importer yard

We install and supplies products and services to the leading automotive importers in the country, services including installations in the importer yard, customer service center, and a set of centers and service mobility nationwide.


UZEB operates a service array that includes, national deployment of qualified mobile service stations, repair and independent service lab, technical support center, aresponse center and service center for insurance companies and end private customers.

UZEB's staff is a skilled and professional team that takes care of providing personal service, with an emphasis on solving problems efficiently and quickly.

UZEB sees first-hand customer satisfaction.

We operate as one large, cohesive team and strive to be the best in every business we touch on fairness, integrity, and professionalism.


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